Certificate of Authenticity of Persian Carpets


Why is the certificate of authenticity of Persian carpets important?

Persian hand-knotted carpets have a special importance and position in the world. For this reason, registering hand-woven carpets is an effective step towards maintaining the credibility and authenticity of this art.

We have been witnessing the copying of Iranian designs and  textures under the name of Iranian carpets for a long time . In order to deal with this issue and prevent forgery , registration of handmade carpets has a special necessity.

Therefore, the main purpose of registering handwoven carpets is to preserve the identity and authenticity of Iranian handwoven carpets and gain the trust of customers. In this regard, our collection provides the possibility of issuing carpet certificates of authenticity upon customer’s request.

See This Isfahan Carpet:

Isfahan Rug-4IS755001

This picture you see is a birth certificate for Qom all-silk carpet. We include information such as the dimensions of the carpet, the name of the design, the number of knots and the location of its weaving in the birth certificate . It is better to buy exquisite carpets from a reputable place because there are many fake examples in the market.


               Certificate of Qom Rug

For some exquisite carpets, like Qom carpets and Isfahan carpets the birth certificate is already prepared, but if the customer orders the weaving of a carpet, we will prepare the birth certificate during the weaving process. Due to the private information of customers and Producers, we are not allowed to post photos inside the birth certificate. Because the birth certificate is the identity of a carpet.

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