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All-Over Design

The All-Over design shows the general design and pattern of the carpet. In order to know the all-over design , let’s compare it with Lachak-Toranj design. A Lachak-Toranj carpet or medallion carpet consists of a central medallion and vertical corners. But overall designs have simpler designs and only include a main field and borders. In these drawings, a motif covers the entire carpet. These motifs can be repeating geometric elements or they can be a wild intertwining of flowers or sometimes both. The simplest all-over designs are geometric motifs that are often evenly spaced and represent a specific symbol or idea. In terms of history, the overall designs were created before the medallion designs. The oldest carpets have repeated all over patterns, but the appearance of medallion carpets dates back to the 16th century AD or the Safavid era in Iran.