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Abadeh Carpet

Abadeh is a city located in the north of Fars province. Abadeh carpets are hand-made carpets that are woven by the Qashqai nomads of Fars province. Of course, designs of Abadeh carpets are also woven in other cities, but the quality is lower.


             Abadeh Rug,3’3″*4’9″, 1970circa

Abadeh carpets are woven based on cotton and with good quality local sheep wool. The thickness of these carpets is medium, but at the same time very high quality. Abadeh carpets are woven with special designs that distinguish them from other Qashqai carpets. The most famous design of Abadeh carpet is the Heibat-Lo design, which is named after one of the Qashqai clans. Heibat-Lo design includes a diamond-shaped medallion in the center and 4 small medallions in the corners of the carpet.

The background color is bright red and dark or dark orange, and the border of the carpet is cream or ivory. Due to the presence of warm colors, Abadah carpets have always attracted the attention of the world markets. Although Abadeh and Shiraz carpets are similar, the use of Cotton warp and higher number of knots distinguish these carpets from Shiraz carpets.


                     Abadeh Carpet,6’5″*9’8″