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Yazd handwoven carpet and features

The country of Iran is the birthplace of hand-woven carpets all over the world. Yazd is one of the cities that has presented a variety of high-quality hand-woven carpets. In the past, this carpet was woven with a density of 30 knots per 7 cm, but today it reaches up to 50 knots. Due to the location of Yazd in the desert region of Iran, carpets in this area are woven with low thickness and warm colors. Due to its proximity to Kerman, Yazd carpet designs are very similar to Kerman carpet designs.

natural dyeing

           Charsough Jame Mosque, Natural dyeing

Designs in Yazd handwoven carpets 

  • The design of Tal and Khoncheh

The Yazidis used special trays called Tal in their ceremonies. Khonche is also used to decorate wedding items. These designs are repeated and symmetrically used in Yazd carpets.

tal o khonche

                      The design of Tal o Khonche

  • The design of Ahmad Mohammad-Abadi

The name of this pattern is taken from the name of its designer, Ahmed Mohammad Abadi. Like other common patterns of Yazd, it is a pattern that is repeated 16 times throughout the carpet. The feature of this pattern is that the pattern of the sun with 8 faces is located in the center. In the text of the carpet and on the sides, the role of the sun is repeated in full or half and quarter form.

yazd rug

   The design of Ahmad Mohammad-Abadi, Yazd rug

  • The design of Sardar-Jangi

The name of this design is taken from the name of a person named Sardar Nasir Khan, nicknamed the war chief. This person had a significant impact on the security and prosperity of Yazd city. For this reason, Yazdi carpet weavers weaved a design named after him. The symbol of this design is the pattern of swords that are facing each other. In this design, it is repeated throughout the carpet.

  • The design of flower and Herati-fish

The design of Herati originated from the east of Iran and was gradually transferred to other cities. The design of Herati consists of the symbols of fish, flowers and the sun, which are repeated throughout the carpet. In this design, the sun is among the fish and flowers. It comes as a supplement in all parts of the carpet.


                               Herati design

  • The design of Lachak-Toranj

Like other Iranian carpets, the Lachak-Toranj pattern is also used in Yazd carpets. In Yazd carpet designs, medallion is placed in a rhombus shape.