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Semi Handmade Carpets

Bamboo carpets are woven from a plant called bamboo that is found in nature. Due to their natural nature, these carpets can be decomposed in nature and are completely compatible with the environment. Bamboo plant carpets are woven in three stages:

  • Tufting or weaving
  • Dyeing
  • Final service

The texture of these carpets is woven by weaving machines like machine carpets, but the final stage and selvage weaving is done by experienced people. For this reason, these carpets are also called semi-handwoven carpets. If we want to compare the bamboo plant silk carpets with the exquisite hand-woven carpets of Qom, the fibers used in the exquisite Qom hand-woven carpets are first-class silk, which are produced from silkworms, but the fibers of bamboo carpets are considered medium-grade silks. Also, the exquisite Qom carpets are woven in a very high density and by hand, that is why the price of these carpets is much higher than bamboo silk carpets.