Organizing value chains for carpets, rugs and kilims in the world through international distribution.

We package, distribute and trade all kinds of handmade carpets in Tabriz, Hariz, Qom, Qashqai, Bakhtiari, Kerman, Kashan, Vintage, carpets, etc. In addition to carpets, we export the culture of our country.


A) Construction of carpet weaving workshops in different parts of the country           

B) Production of organic and environmentally renewable carpets

C) Becoming the top female exporter of carpets in Iran         

D) Establishing sales offices in India and UAE, USA, Canada, Germany, Japan and …


1) In God, we trust

2) Honesty is the most important principle.

3) Promoting quality and originality in the design, color and texture of carpet production areas

4) Observance of scientific standards in the process of carpet production

5) Production of exquisite carpets with the aim of maintaining and promoting the global reputation of Iranian carpets

6) Supply and guarantee of quality carpets

7) Preserving the traditional and artistic features of the carpet and taking care to use new methods in production

8) Efforts to ensure customer satisfaction

9) Observing the material and intellectual rights of the customer, before and after buying the carpet

10) Avoid luxury and eliminate unnecessary costs in order to reduce the cost and determine the appropriate price for the production of carpets.

11) Accurate information about the quality and condition of carpets offered to customers

12) Responding and accepting responsibility for the products offered

vernacarpet is

Vernacarpets (Verni is a type of needle kilim woven by Arasbaran nomads) is a specialized online carpet store that is active in the field of selling hand-woven carpets in Iran. This collection is managed by Elham Radmehr, who is one of the enthusiasts of hand-woven carpets. Elham’s interest in carpets was first created by taking a training course and weaving a tableau rug in 2018. It took about 3 months to weave that. After weaving, Elham turned to the business of hand-woven carpets and tried to create Vernacarpets collection will further spread the art of handwoven carpets in the world and in addition, it will promote the prosperity of production workshops inside the country.

Vernacarpets is in contact with many manufacturers and has thus provided a safe platform for interested customers to buy. There is a wide variety of hand-woven carpets in this collection, which are in different categories, including new and old carpets, antique carpets, nomadic and urban carpets and customers can choose their desired carpet according to their taste and interests, or customers can tell us about the design and style, and we will find the design they want.