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Tafresh Carpet

Tafresh is one of the cities of the Markazi province that has carpets that are much better than other famous carpets in terms of quality. Tafresh hand-made carpets are woven in small sizes and as a single weft. Lachak-Toranj design with a large medallion is the design of Tafresh carpets. Afshan and Ili designs are other designs of Tafresh carpets.


                 Tafresh Wool Carpet,1953s

In the past, symmetrical knots were used in the weaving of carpets, but today asymmetric knots are used like Sultanabad carpets. The density of the knots is between 30 and 40 knots per 7 centimeters. Also, like most woolen carpets, the warp and weft are made of cotton.

tafresh rug

                 Vintage Faded Tafresh Rug