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Saveh Carpet

Saveh is one of the cities of Central Province, where carpet weaving is popular like other cities of Iran. The quality of handwoven rugs in Saveh is good and they are mostly woven in medium and small sizes. The method of weaving is loop weaving and both thin and thick wefts are used for carpet weaving. The knot used in Saveh carpets is the asymmetric knot and the density of the carpets ranges from 25 to 50 knots in 7 cm. These carpets are thin in terms of thickness, but they have high strength. Pomegranate gardens in Saveh city are very famous, maybe that is why the Shahsavan nomads based in this area use pomegranate fruit frequently in their designs. You can see Shahsavan carpets here.

saveh carpet

                              Saveh Carpet is woven in a geometric style.


saveh rug

         In the background of this carpet there are 5 containers of pomegranates.