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Mashhad handmade carpet

Carpet weaving has a long history in Mashhad and Khorasan. The art of carpet weaving goes back to the Timurid period and the end of the Middle Ages. During the Safavid period, Mashhad carpet, like other Iranian carpets, reached its peak of prosperity and became famous in the world markets.


                     Dorokhsh Rug ,1920s(circa)

Features of Mashhad handmade carpet


The city of Mashhad has always been visited by Arab tourists due to the presence of the shrine of Imam Reza, and this has affected the culture and designs of Mashhad carpets. Also, due to the proximity of Khorasan province to the countries of Afghanistan and Turkmenistan and the cities of Isfahan, Kerman and Sistan, the designs of this Mashhad carpet It is a combination of different designs and has similarities with Isfahan carpet, Turkmen carpet, Kerman carpet and Baloch carpet. Lachak-Toranj, Gol-Farang, Robi and Herati designs are among the common designs in Mashhad carpet.


                Signature Of Mashhad Rug, Amoghli


Mashhad carpets are mainly woven with wool. Of course, today silk is also used along with wool. Carpets can be wool, a combination of wool and silk , and pure silk. Due to the type of wool used in Mashhad carpets, these carpets are soft and wear out over time. The warp and weft of Mashhad carpets are made of cotton.


                    All Silk Mashhad Rug, Tree of Life

knitting Method 

Asymmetric knot is common in Mashhad carpets, but symmetrical knot is also used sometimes. In these carpets, thin and thick wefts are passed after each row of texture and they are woven with a double weft technique, so they have good strength. The density of knots in Mashhad carpets is usually between 30 and 40 knots per 7 cm. Of course, in old carpets such as Amoghli carpets, the density reaches 130 knots.


                                       Carpet Restoration


Like other Iranian carpets, Mashhad carpets were dyed in the past using natural materials such as indigo, walnut shell, and pomegranate shell, but over time, the use of chemical dyes has increased. Various colors are used in Mashhad carpets. The colors used in Mashhad carpet are: red, light and dark blue, cream, white, green, khaki…


          A part of the large carpet of Mashhad, Amoghli