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History of Bakhtiari hand-woven carpet

Chaharmahale-Bakhtiari province is located in the southeast of Iran. Carpet weaving is common in almost all the houses of this province. The weavers of Chaharmahale-Bakhtiari province are made up of two groups, the first group is the Qashqai nomads who weave Qashqai carpets, and the second group is the Bakhtiari tribe of this province,who weave Bakhtiari carpets. Of course, Bakhtiari carpets are not only limited to nomads, but are also woven in villages and cities. During the Qajar period, with the support of the government, the production of Bakhtiari carpets flourished and became famous in the world, and the export of this carpet began. In the following, we will introduce the types of Bakhtiari carpets and their characteristics.


                      Weaving of Bakhtiari carpet

Features of Bakhtiari hand-made carpet


Bakhtiari carpet is one of Iran’s durable and high-quality carpets, which is highly resistant to wear and can be used for several years.


Natural colors are used in dyeing Bakhtiari carpets, especially old carpets, which are healthy for the body and are not allergenic. The colors of Bakhtiari carpets are diverse, the most important of which are white, brown, ivory, blue and yellow.


                       Kheshti design, Bakhtiari rug


Bakhtiari hand-made carpets are very soft and relaxing due to the use of high quality wool. The wool of Bakhtiari carpets is supplied from the Babak region of Yazd province, which has good quality due to the temperate weather conditions.


              Bakhtiari rug, Kheshti Floral design


Wool is used for pile and cotton for warp and weft. Bakhtiari carpets are woven with symmetrical knots, and their density is medium.


These carpets have various designs that are often woven without a plan. Bakhtiari carpets use symbols of nature such as flowers, birds, gardens, and animals.


                  Cypress tree in Bakhtiari carpet


The size of Bakhtiari carpets is usually small and medium, of course, larger custom carpets are also woven. You can contact vernacarpets website to order the size you want.


Bakhtiari carpets are woven from high-quality materials and have a special charm, but they have fair prices. Of course, old and antique Bakhtiari carpets are sold at high prices.

Bakhtiari hand-made carpet designs

As we said above, the weavers of Chaharmhale-Bakhtiari province are of two groups, the first group is the Qashqai nomads and the second group is the Bakhtiari tribe. Bakhtiari designs are classified as follows:

  • Qashqai or Yalame carpets:
  1. One medallion
  2. Two medallion
  3. Alvan
  • Bakhtiari carpets:
  1. Lachak-Toranj
  2. Cypress and Pine
  3. Kheshti(Animal motif)
  4. Kheshti(Garden motif)
  5. Gul-Pato
  6. Vase and Flowers


               Bakhtiari Golfarang design,4’9″*6’5″

Among Bakhtiari designs, the Kheshti or grid pattern is very famous. Grids can be square, rhombus or hexagonal. The grids are filled with roses or other flowers, pine ,cypress trees and animals. The color and map of each grid is different from the other and creates a mesmerizing combination. Among the Kheshti designs, Garden motif is also very popular. Unlike the carpets of other regions of Iran, curved designs are rarely seen in Bakhtiari carpets.

Bakhtiari hand-woven carpet dyeing

The color of Bakhtiari carpets is one of the well-known characteristics of this carpet. In the past, the women of the Bakhtiari tribe collected and dried natural colored plants. Then they were boiled in pots with their experience and sour pomegranate juice was used as a catalyst for the stability of natural colors on the wool. But due to the high costs of vegetable dyeing and the increase in demand, this method was replaced by chemical dyeing. Among the colors of Bakhtiari carpets, red and green are especially important, which are different from similar colors in carpets of other regions.


                         Bakhtiari carpet shop

Where to buy hand-made Bakhtiari carpet?

Bakhtiari carpet is one of Iranian carpets that has a lot of history and cultural background. The woven carpets in these areas are mainly inspired by nature and animals, as if walking on them you enter the garden of paradise. Factors such as size, origin of weaving , number of knots and type of design affect the price of these carpets. Our store is an online store that provides you with all kinds of Iranian carpets, including Bakhtiari carpets. We guide you in the direction of a safe and secure purchase.


     Interior design with Bakhtiari rug ,6’5″*9’8″