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What is a Tableau Rug?

Tableau Rugs (Pictorial Rugs and Wall Rugs) are small pieces of carpet that are woven in small sizes from 20 x 30 cm to 2 x 3 meters, and unlike other carpets, they are not used as underlays, but they are framed and hung on the walls. Tableau Rugs are very valuable goods that are mostly decorative and add color, originality and beauty to houses; This ornamental object contains Iranian history, meaning, culture and authenticity. Tableau Rugs usually have an artistic and luxurious aspect, but their value and high price have made it known as a good investment product.


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History of the carpet

The city of Sardroud, located in the province of Azarbaijan, is known as the carpet capital of the world. About 800 workshops are active in the field of tableau carpet production, as well as thread and map production. It has reached the people of the world and it will be displayed in the best palaces and museums.

There are other types of tableau rugs that are produced by machine-made carpet factories in Kashan, which, of course, have a much lower price than hand-woven tableau rugs.

What are the similarities and differences between tableau carpet and carpet?

In terms of the principles of weaving, tableau carpets and hand-woven carpets are woven in the same way. However, due to their smaller size, hand-woven tableau carpets have more elegance and variety than hand-woven carpets. But machine-made tableau carpets and machine-made carpets do not differ much in terms of elegance, because both are woven by machines.

Materials used in the wall rugs

  • Natural silk: Silk is used to highlight certain parts of the tableau rug. Of course, the use of silk also makes the work shine. All silk pictorial carpets are among luxury and precious goods.
  • Wool: It is the most widely used raw material in the production of rugs and wall rugs. Sardroud carpets are woven from merino wool.
  • Cotton: Cotton is used in the warp and weft of the wall rug and is not used in its pile.
  • Acrylic: It is used in machine-made carpets.

                              Types of Parrot Designs Of Tableau Rugs

Types of tableau carpets according to the subject

Nature scenery

These tableau carpets usually show scenes of forests, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, beautiful huts and beautiful villages.

European painters

It contains pictures of parties and gatherings of old Europeans and French people, which have various topics such as music gatherings, poetry reading gatherings, and other face designs that have a wide variety of colors and sizes.

Flowers and Fruits

Tableau carpets with flowers and vases are beautiful designs. Fruit design tableau carpets are also woven next to beautiful flowers.


These tableau rugs depict the works of Mahmoud Farshchian, who are world famous. With the abundance of color spectrum used in them, they become beautiful and silky carpets that double the artistic effect of these magnificent works and have a high artistic and spiritual value.

Religious and Quranic verses

They include tableau carpets of religious places such as Kaaba and Medina and Quranic verses. The main products of this category include carpets of Quranic verses and surahs, of which one-one and four-square carpets are the most famous. These tableau carpets can be used for religious places, workplaces and any Iranian home.

The face

These tableau rugs show the famous faces of Iran and the world, carpet paintings of Iranian girls in traditional clothes. Face rugs with personal and family photos can also be woven.

Tips about the tableau carpet frame

  • As much as possible, buy a tableau carpet without a frame to be sure of its health.
  • Do not use glass in the tableau carpet frame for protection because it causes the tableau carpet to rot.
  • If the design of the tableau carpet is busy and complicated, it is better to use frames with a simple design.
  • Monochrome frames are used in modern and minimal decorations, and patterned frames are used in traditional decorations.

Tips on how to care for tableau carpet

  • If you plan to use the tableau carpet later, roll it up and avoid washing it.
  • Store in places away from direct sunlight and moisture. Moisture may spread to your carpet through a damp wall.
  • When installing the tableau carpet, when you use nails and hammer to install that, be careful not to damage the tableau carpet.
  • The storage place should not be dark and humid in any way and should have light. Insects like willows grow in dark places. They damage the tableau carpet.
  • You should not use wet cloths, rough brushes, shaking, etc. to dust tableau carpets, and the best way to dust them is to use a vacuum cleaner with soft brushes.

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What factors are effective in determining the price of tableau carpet?

In general, several factors and parameters can influence the price of tableau carpets. Among the most important factors in the price of tableau carpets, we can mention things such as the type of yarn or fibers used in the pictorial carpet, the originality of the design and map, the type of texture and the density of knots, the number of colors  and size of the pictorial carpet, etc.

Buy a tableau carpet

Tableau Carpets are used decoratively in decoration and are installed on the wall. It is better to buy the tableau carpet without a frame. Many defects of tableau carpets are hidden from your view in the corners of the tableau carpet and its frame. Or you can ask the seller to show you the rug outside the frame. Tableau Carpets, like other carpets, must have a birth certificate. This certificate is installed on the back of the tableau carpet and by looking at it, you can get useful information about the tableau  carpet, which will definitely influence your decision.

Recognizing the type of carpet fibers as well as carpets requires experience and skill, that’s why we suggest that if you want to buy hand-woven carpets, make sure to buy from shopping centers that specialize in this field, and another way is to Use an expert who is experienced in this field. Verna Carpets with years of experience in supplying and exporting carpets will help you in the field of buying carpets and tableau rugs.


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