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Kashmar Carpet

Kashmar city is located in Khorasan province, which has a long history in carpet weaving. The presence of cotton farms in Kashmar and the high quality wool of this province have made Kashmar carpets of high quality.

Features of Kashmar carpet

  • Kashmar carpets are made of wool, silk and cotton.
  • Mostly asymmetric knots are used for carpet weaving.
  • This hand-made carpets are woven in two-wefted Technique.
  • The density of the knots is between 40 and 50 knots in 7, that’s why it is considered one of the fine carpets.
  • Due to high quality materials, it has high quality and strength.
  • Kashmar carpets are woven in sizes of 6, 9, and 12 meters, and smaller carpets are rarely found.
  • The wool required for weaving is often chemically dyed. The type of red color used in Kashmar carpets differentiates these carpets from other carpets.

    home decor with kashmar rug

                       Home Decor With Kashmar Rug

The designs of handwoven Kashmar carpet 

Lachak-Toranj design

This design, which can be seen in most Iranian carpets, is woven symmetrically. The Lachak-Toranj design in Kashmar carpets is similar to the design of Nain, Kashan, and Tabriz carpets.


                Lachak-Toranj Design, Kashmar Rug

Underground design

This design is one of the special designs of Kashmar carpet. In the underground design, jar symbols and antique objects are used abundantly.


            Underground Design, Kashmar Carpet

Pictorial design

In this design, images of historical places and myths are depicted. This design is one of the most valuable designs of Kashmar carpet.


                  Pictorial Design, Kashmar Rug