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Familiarity with Sarouk handwoven carpet

Sarouk is a small city located in the north of Arak city, and its colorful and well-designed carpets are world famous. The history of carpet weaving in this city reaches more than 700 years, which reached its peak during the Safavid era. In that period, Sarouk carpet was mostly woven for domestic use, but in the Qajar period and with the arrival of Ziegler company in Arak, this valuable carpet was exported to European and American countries. At that time, the three cities of Sultanabad, Farahan and Sarouk were among the main centers of carpet weaving in the Markazi province.


      Stunning paisley design carpet from Sarouk

Sarouk hand-made carpet is one of the highest quality Iranian carpets, which was registered in the world in 2013. In this article, we will introduce you to this unique carpet.

Specifications of Sarouk carpets

  • In Sarouk carpets, dark vegetable dyes are used. Most of the carpets are red and a few are blue.
  • Sarouk carpets are woven in medium sizes.
  • The knot of Sarouk carpets is asymmetric or Farsi. The carpets were woven in the past with the double weft technique. Sometimes an extra weft is added after a few rows. Of course, today carpets are also woven with a single weft.
  • The knots are completely correct and principled and without fraud, and the texture of the carpet is strong and durable.
  • Vertical looms are used to weave Sarouk carpets.
  • The carpets have relatively coarse texture and there are between 40 and 50 knots in 7cm . The pile height in Sarouk carpets is less than 10 mm.
  • The common designs in Sarouk carpet are: Moustofi, flower and bush, Shah-Abbasi, Afshan, geography, birds and fish…


                           Sarouk rug near the ocean ,USA

What is an American Sarouk carpet?

As we said, in the beginning of the 13th century, the English company Ziegler had established carpet weaving centers in the city of Arak and weaves carpets ordered by Europe. The efforts of Arak carpet weavers, along with the business relations of this company, made Arak and Sarouk carpets attract the attention of people in Europe and America. Seeing Sarouk carpets, Americans made changes in this carpet and designed plans according to their taste and sales market in America and left the weaving to this company. After that, a new type of sarouk design became known as American sarouk carpet.

The American Sarouk carpet is mostly woven in red color and with a background of floral motifs. The knot used in this carpet is an asymmetric knot and wefting is done by the double weft method, that is why this carpet has a very strong and durable texture quality.

Despite its good quality and beautiful patterns, Sarouk carpet is considered one of the cheap carpets. Vernacarpet collection offers all kinds of new and old Sarouk carpets to the lovers of this valuable art.


                            American Sarouk carpet