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The history of Malayer hand-woven carpet:

Malayer is one of the important cities of Hamadan province. According to some historians, the root of Malayer’s name is derived from the old word “Mal Ayer”, which is the shortened form of the Aryan word. The city of Malayer was very important for the Aryans as well as the Sassanid kings. The carpet weaving industry has been very prosperous in Malayer, although the evidence indicates the existence of handicrafts in 2500 years ago, but during the last hundred years, carpet weaving reached the peak of its fame in this city.


       The exquisite Malayer rug, Claremont rug company ,USA

Features of the Malayer carpet


One of the most important features of the Malayer carpet is the very high quality fibers used in the texture of this carpet. The city of Malair is located in a mountainous and temperate region. Therefore, the sheep of this region always have the best type of wool. Malayer carpets are all woven with wool and cotton.

Weaving type:

both symmetric and asymmetrical knots are used in the weaving of Malayer carpets. Considering that the west of Malayer is near Sanandaj, they use asymmetrical knots in their carpets. Of course, most Malayer carpets are woven with Turkish or symmetrical knots. Malayer carpets are woven with single weft technique, that’s why white cotton threads can be easily recognized on the back of the carpets.


Malayer carpets are woven in medium sizes and in the shape of the runner. You will rarely see large size Malayer carpets unless they are custom woven.


In the northern and eastern areas of Malayer, such as Hossein Abad and Jokar, carpets are woven in broken designs and Herati and Iliati designs. But in the southern regions, designs are woven similar to Sarouk rugs and Farahan rugs. The weavers make the wool very short so that the pattern of the carpet is clearly defined.

Malayer handmade carpet designs


The structure of the Herati design consists of rhombuses and small fish. This design is abundantly seen in Tabriz rug and the eastern regions of Iran.


        Malayer runner with Herati design


After the forced migration of Armenians to Hamadan region and the city of Malayer, this city has also included designs influenced by Armenians. Among the Armenian designs of Malayer carpet, the design of three medallions and vases are famous.


          Malayer rug with vase design

Lachak-Toranj :

The design of Lachak-Toranj is one of the main designs of Iranian carpets, but they have differences according to the special motifs of Malayer carpets and culture.


      Malayer rug with Lachak-Toranj design


The most famous design among Malayer carpets is the Nanaj design. The village of Nanaj is located in the north of the city of Malayer, and due to the special design of this area, the designs woven in this area have taken the name of Nanaj.


              Design with Nanaj carpet