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The history of Nain handwoven carpet

The beautiful city of Nain is located two hundred kilometers from the city of Isfahan. In the past centuries, the people of Nain were busy weaving precious and silk fabrics. But about a hundred years ago, with the development of the textile industry in Europe and the importation of western products, the weaving workshops of Nain such as Kerman and Kashan were disrupted, and the people of Nain turned to weaving high-quality  carpets.

Cecil Edwards says this about the Nain carpet: “Then the World War started and Tehran’s market flourished. At that time, according to the wealthy people of the capital, no product was very good or expensive, so Nain carpets came to Tehran, where they were recognized as the most finely woven and one of the best carpets in Iran.”

Today, in the Nain region, carpet weaving has become an integral part of my life and it is found in carpets in all homes. This carpet has gained world fame and has progressed to the point that little by little carpets with this design of carpet are available in Isfahan and other provinces from Sistan-Baluchistan to Khorasan, Nain map is woven. Of course, high quality Nain carpet is only woven in Nain itself, and the quality of other carpets is lower.


         Palace size Nain Persian carpet ,16’4″*26’24”,6La

Specifications of Nain handwoven carpet

  • Nain handwoven carpet is woven on vertical looms with asymmetric knots and two-weft technique.
  • Wool and silk are used for pile and cotton for warp and weft.
  • In the Nain carpet, white silk is used to highlight the flowers and stems of the design, which makes this carpet shine.
  • Selvages are woven from the beginning to the end while being attached to the carpet
  • Nain carpets have short piles and light color, and it is better to be used in low-traffic areas of the house.
  • All sizes from 1.5 to 6 and 9 meters and oval and circular carpets can be seen in Nain carpets.
  • In Nain carpets, the wool used is very high quality and delicate and has high strength and durability.
  • This carpet is of very high quality and there are no defects such as crookedness, fake knots, multi-colored, etc. in it.
  • The knot density is from 50 to 70 knots per 7 centimeter.

Designs of handmade Nain carpets

 The designs of Nain’s carpet are Shah Abbasi, Eslimi Lachak-Toranj and traditional patterns. Among the rest of Nain’s carpet designs, we can mention the patterns of Gonbad, Tree of life, Muharmat, Lachak-Toranj and Afshan. Of course, Lachak-Toranj is more famous among Nain carpet designs, and other designs are less used. Nain carpet has given itself a new identity with the efforts of the designers of this city and the texture of different carpets such as runner, hexagonal and octagonal.


     Comb, Scissors and Hook, Carpet weaving tools

Types of Nain carpets based on density

In Nain carpet, the word “La” is used to determine the texture density. The meaning of La is the number of threads in the pile of carpet. The less La, the finer the carpet is and as a result, it has a high price.

Nain carpets have different texture density, which we can mention 4 La, 6 La and 9 La  respectively.

4 La carpet:

It is very exquisite and valuable, and it is rarely woven, and it is used for tapestries and decorative purposes. 4 La carpet requires thin fingers to weave and strong eyesight to read maps.

6 La carpet:

6 La carpets are suitable for places with relatively little traffic, so if you have a small carpet or a pet, it is better not to use this carpet. To identify 6 La, look at the roots of the carpet. If you see 3 pairs of threads in the roots of the carpet, it means it is 6 La. This carpet is equivalent to 50 knots in 7 cm.

9 La carpet:

This carpet is a good choice for high-traffic areas and you can easily use it anywhere in the house. A 9 La carpet is equivalent to carpets with a density of 50 knots per 7 cm. The price of this carpet is cheaper than 6 La carpets and at the same time it is of high quality.


               La or The number of warp threads

Dyeing Nain carpets

The main colors used in Nain carpets are: azure, light blue, dark red, cream, khaki, dark blue, brown and navy.

For dyeing Nain carpets, they use natural materials such as walnut shell, madder root and red seed insect, pomegranate shell, vine leaves, and create the original colors. Light blue color is obtained from the combination of azure and blue industrial colors. Green color is obtained from blue and Reseda. In this way, the dyeing of Nain carpets is done using natural and chemical materials. These colors are of very high quality and the carpets do not lose color after washing.


                       Border of Nain rug

Factors affecting the price of Nain carpet

  • knitting place
  • La and density of the carpet
  • Dimensions
  • Design type
  • Consumable materials
  • Natural or chemical dyeing

               Nain full silk rug,4’3″*6’5″

Online purchase of handmade Nain carpets

One of the highest quality hand-woven carpets is the Nain carpet, which is world famous. This carpet is woven in other cities of Isfahan besides Nain city. Also, many weavers in North Khorasan and Tabas weave carpets similar to Nain carpets but of lower quality. One of the most important points to consider when buying hand-woven carpets online is the credibility of the store you buy from. Verna Carpets, with many years of experience, provides you with excellent quality and fair price hand-woven Nain carpets.


     Pair Nain rugs, 9La, 12 square meters