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Bijar Carpet

Bijar carpets are known as iron carpets. These carpets are so strong that they are difficult to fold. Kurdistan carpets are mainly woven in small sizes, but larger rugs are also woven in Bijar. The reason for this is that the Bijar people are not Kurds, but Turks, and they weave their carpets in the same way as the carpets of the Turkic regions of Iran.

The reason for the compression of Bijar carpet is the wool weft that is used in it. Cotton wefts are used in the handwoven carpets of other regions of Iran. But it is the opposite in Bijar carpet. Wool is a material that has an elastic state, and to obtain a carpet that is dense, the wool wefts are strongly beaten, which results in rough and compact carpets. Bijari weavers beat the woolen weft with difficulty so that it fits in place. For this reason, Bijar carpet weavers, in addition to a heavy comb made of iron and wood, use another special tool for this purpose, which is similar to an iron claw, which is 31 cm long.