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Sirjan Carpet

Sirjan is one of the cities of Kerman province, which is famous for weaving carpets and kilims. Kerman  hand-made carpets are woven in an urban style, but Sirjan carpets are mainly woven in a rural and nomadic style with geometric designs. Both are symmetrical and asymmetrical knots are used in Sirjan carpets. In these carpets warp and weft are cotton and piles are wool.

Also, Sirjan is famous in the field of kilim production and the main export of this kilim is to Europe. In this kilim, like sumak, the weft does not play a role in the texture and is only used to connect the warps to each other. Unlike Shahsavan kilims, Sirjan kilims are not double-sided and can only be used on one side.


                               Sirjan Kilim,6’8″*9’2″