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Sultanabad Carpet

Sultanabad is the old name of the city of Arak, whose history of carpet weaving goes back 700 years. In addition to Sultanabad, carpet weaving was done in the surrounding areas. These areas include Sarouk and Farahan, whose carpets are world famous. Sultanabad carpet has a special place in the world and its designs are inspired by William Morris designs.
William Morris was a poet, fabric designer and artist from Britain who was interested in hand-woven carpets and began to produce them in the British Isles. In the 19th century, the German company Ziegler, inspired by William Morris’s designs, decided to establish a carpet weaving workshop in Sultanabad. During this period, carpet weaving reached its peak in Sultanabad and its surrounding cities.

persian sultanabad rug

               Sultanabad Rug With Ivory Grounds

Features of Sultanabad carpets

  • The designs of Arak carpet are such that they are easily coordinated with western decoration and the interior of its environment.
  • Sultanabad carpets are mostly coarse-textured and the density of knots is 15 to 25 knots per seven centimeters.
  • Due to the simple design and low density, the knots are woven faster and have a reasonable price.

    sultanabad rug

                             Beautiful Huge Sultanabad

  • Kurdistan wool and vegetable dye were used to weave carpets. You can read about Kurdistan carpet here.
  • The main colors used in Sultanabad carpets are pea color, cream, blue, navy, green and dark.
  • Asymmetrical knot is used to weave Sultanabad carpets, Sarouk carpets, Lilian carpets, Saveh carpets, and Tafresh carpets.
sultanabad carpet

                       Antique Sultanabad Rug