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History of Nahavand handwoven carpet

The city of Nahavand is located in the southwest of Hamadan, which has the most popular Iranian handwoven carpets. Nahavand carpets have attractive and warm colors, that’s why many European countries, especially the cold Scandinavian countries, are very interested in these carpets. All Nahavand carpets have extraordinary designs and colors that show the intelligence and taste of the designers and weavers of these beautiful carpets.


                   Nahavan Ashvand Rug

What are the features of Nahavand carpet?

  • Shiny and soft wool is the most important ingredient of Nahavand handwoven carpets. Cotton is also used for the weft of carpets.
  • Both types of symmetric and asymmetric knots are used in the weaving of Nahavand carpets. Also, these carpets are woven with a single-weft technique.
  • Nahavand carpets are woven in densities of 30 to 40 knots per 7 cm.
  • These carpets have long and relatively thick piles that provide more comfort and warmth.
  • Symmetry in designs is one of the features of Nahavand carpet. Ashvand design is one of the famous designs of Nahavand carpet, which has a round medallion called Shamse (sun).
  • The background of these carpets is usually black and bright colors such as red and orange are woven on it. Other colors used in this carpet are: cream, navy blue, bright dark green and golden yellow.
  • These carpets are mostly produced in medium size and about 4 square meters. Carpets larger than 6 meters are not woven in this city.


         Nahavand Rug With Gol-Heidar Design

Designs of Nahavand handmade carpet 

Nahavand carpets are often woven in geometric and broken designs. Because of these special designs and warm colors, these carpets are very suitable for modern decoration. Among the designs of Nahavand, Ashvand designs, Lachak-Toranj, White-Lachak, Tree of Life, and Heidar-Goli are very famous. Ashvand handwoven carpet has a round medallion and warm colors and is mostly woven in 1.5×2.5 sizes.

nahavan-rug-tree of life

       Lovely Tree of Life Nahavand Carpet

interior design-nahavand-rug

    Vintage Persian Nahavand Rug,5*10,California