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About Neyshabur carpet

Neyshabur is one of the cities of Razavi Khorasan province, which has always been one of Iran’s carpet weaving poles. The carpets of this area are similar to Mashhad carpets and are mostly woven in cream color. The carpets are usually woven in sizes of 6 meters, but there are several villages in Neyshabur where large carpets of 18, 24 and larger are also woven. The design used in Neyshabur handmade carpets is Lachak-Toranj and the materials used are wool and silk. Some carpets are dyed with plants and some manufacturers use chemical dyes. In addition to its normal production, the city of Neyshabur has had the honor of producing several very large and unique carpets ordered by foreign customers.

The largest carpet in the world with an area of 5700 square meters belongs to the Abu Dhabi Mosque located in the United Arab Emirates. This carpet was woven by more than 1,200 Neyshaburi weavers in two shifts over a year and a half. 38 tons of wool and cotton have been used to weave this carpet, which is the best wool in the world, namely Sirjan and New Zealand wool. This carpet was obtained by installing 9 large pieces as a single piece, and after the service and washing operation, it was delivered to the trustees of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. The number of knots used in this carpet is more than 2 billion and 200 million knots.


      Beautiful Neyshabur Rug in Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Among other very large carpets, we can mention the carpet of Sultan Qaboos Mosque in Oman. The dimensions of this carpet are 5,000 square meters, it has 1.7 billion knots and it was woven by 500 skilled carpet weavers for a period of 3 years. The design of this carpet is taken from the Sheikh Lotfollah mosque in Isfahan and is a combination of the motifs of Tabriz carpets, Kashan carpets and Isfahan carpets. The materials used are the finest Khorasan wool and New Zealand wool, which is woven with 27-layer cotton warps. The knot density of this masterpiece carpet is 40 knots per 7 cm.


            Neyshabur Rug in Sultan Qaboos Mosque of Oman