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Shiraz Carpet

Shiraz carpets are woven in two groups:
Carpets that are woven with symmetrical designs in cities like Abadeh. These hand-made carpets are finely woven with a density of 35 to 45 knots per 7 cm. The knot type of Abadeh carpets is asymmetrical and they are woven with the 2-weft technique.

shiraz rug

                       Shiraz Rug,6’56″*9’84”

Carpets that are woven mentally and without a map by the Qashqai nomads. The density of the nomadic carpets is 25 to 35 knots per 7 cm and is larger than the urban carpets of Shiraz. The knot used in the Qashqai carpets is a symmetrical knot.

qashqai rug

             The Stunning Antique Qashqai Rug

Gabbeh is another production of nomads, which is woven with simple mental designs and long piles. A greater number of wefts are used in the gabbeh, which makes it softer.


                             Qashqai Gabbeh