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Zanjan Carpet

The city of Zanjan has a moderate climate and many pastures, which has made it one of the centers of carpet weaving in Iran. The existence of vast pastures and animal husbandry in Zanjan, especially in the Afshar region, has caused a large part of the wool needed for carpet weaving to be supplied locally.

Zanjan carpet is similar to Bidjar carpet(Kurdistan Carpet) in terms of design and there are some differences. The designs and sizes of Zanjan carpet are usually bigger than Bidjar carpet. Although Zanjan carpet has good quality, but the quality of Bidjar carpet is better. The color of Zanjan carpet is bright and cheerful and they are woven in small and medium sizes. The warp and weft of Zanjan carpets are made of cotton and the pile is wool. The knot used in Zanjan carpets is a symmetrical knot and is woven as a single weft.

zanjan rug

                       Zanjan Rug In Modern Decoration