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Animal Design

A carpet with an animal design is a type of carpet that shows elements or images of animals as part of its design. Various animals, from domestic animals such as horses, cats and parrots to wild animals such as tigers, lions and eagles, and even legendary creatures such as dragons, are depicted in these carpets. Animal carpets are produced in different styles and cultures with different techniques such as hand-woven, knotted or machine-made. Animal design carpets are often inspired by nature and reflect the beauty of the natural world. Some animals in some countries have symbolic meanings and represent qualities such as strength, immortality, authority, wisdom and decency. Hunting scenes, eagles, dragons, demons are all found in antique carpets. These unique masterpieces include art, legends, and animals that are imaginary and real. For example, in carpets with animal designs, the peacock is often a symbol of immortality and long life, the lion is a symbol of power, and the dragon is a symbol of power and warding off demonic forces. These carpets form an important category of carpets that show the much needed skill for design and coordination in the implementation of details.


                             Animal design rug