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Central Medallion Design

Central Medallion carpets are one of the most authentic carpets ever woven. These carpets are produced in different countries of the world and can be in rural or urban style. The central medallion of Iranian carpets often represent the beautiful style of the region. For example, in Isfahan and Nain carpets, circular medallions are inspired by the domes of the most famous mosques in Iran, and the medallions of Heriz carpets are 8-sided due to the mountainous nature of the region. Symmetry is the first word in Central medallion carpets.
In all these carpets, the central medallions are decorated with different motifs and emphasize symmetry, they become the focal point of the carpet. Central medallion carpets are compatible with many decoration styles and create a neat yet formal combination. If we look at Iranian carpets, we will notice that some rugs have a large central medallion surrounded by smaller medallions, but others have equal-sized medallions that are repeated in a regular pattern throughout the carpet. These medals can be in different shapes such as square, rhombus, octagon, etc. In addition to the central medallion, these carpets have motifs and eslimi and other geometric shapes around the medal, which contribute to the overall beauty of the carpet.

central medallion carpet

           Heriz carpet with central medallion design