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Miniature Design

The word “miniature” means showing everything smaller and its history goes back to before Islam. Miniatures are originally Iranian original paintings that have the characteristics of traditional Iranian painting and did not follow the European painting style. The design of miniature carpets is adapted from historical, epic and mystical stories, and the face in these designs is often drawn in profile and sometimes from behind. This shows that the artists of miniature designs are more interested in painting luxurious clothes than drawing people’s faces. In this design, in the texture of faces, the principles of proportionality of members and dimensions are not strictly observed.
Master Farshchian’s paintings are attractive and very famous works of miniature designs that have attracted many fans all over the world. The tapestries that are woven in Tabriz are among the best miniature styles that have many details and color harmony. Some of the famous works of Master Farshchian are:

  • Deer guarantor plan
  • Ashura evening plan
  • Shams and Rumi plan
  • Design of the fifth day of creation