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Tree of Life Design

Iranian carpets are full of patterns, each of which has a symbol and meaning. One of the oldest carpet designs is the tree of life design. This design has spread not only in Iran but also in the Middle East and Mesopotamia and beyond, and it has a different meaning in each culture. Many tribes of ancient Iran worshiped the tree as God. Also, the tree was a symbol of the cosmos and fertility. The tree of life is an evergreen tree whose fruits are eternal and do not die. Also, this design is a symbol of rebirth and resurrection.
Experts believe that the tree design was created in Raver village of Kerman because these villagers always dreamed of greenery and life-giving gardens due to the desert area where they lived, and they used them on the weft and warp of their carpets. Sometimes these trees were woven in the form of a single big tree with two small protective trees on the side, and sometimes several trees with other patterns were woven on the carpet. In Bakhtiari carpet, you can see all kinds of trees in each clay. Each clay is covered with willow, cedar, vine, etc.