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Khamseh Rug

Khamseh tribes are one of the biggest carpet producers in Fars province. This tribe is divided into 5 main groups, namely Arab, Baseri, Nafar, Baharlu and Inanlu. These nomads have special handicrafts and customs that show their special culture. Handwoven Khamseh nomads are kilims, carpets, and gabbeh, which have special designs. Fars nomads gather the wool they need in the second half of the year, and after dyeing, they use it to weave rugs, jajims, or kilims. The loom that is used is a horizontal loom that fits easily inside the tent and can be moved to other places during migration. Also, nomads use mental maps that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Carpets and kilims of Khamseh tribes are often small and medium in size. Both symmetrical and asymmetrical knots are used in carpet weaving. The method of weaving is that it is woven with one weft and in a flat form. The material of the carpets of the Khamseh nomads is wool and its thread is cotton.