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Interior design

Interior design is the art of improving the interior of the building to a more beautiful and practical environment for the people who use it. This design is related to the interior of the building and like architecture includes all parts of the structure, color, lighting, decoration, and facilities for the interior of the building. The interior designer is the one who plans and manages the tasks related to the improvement of the interior space of the building.
It might be interesting for you to know that there are differences between an interior designer and an interior decoration designer. Decoration designers are primarily concerned with aesthetics, and this skill is the priority of their work and they do not need an academic education. Of course, they can go to university for development and progress. Therefore, decorators cooperate with various industries such as furniture, wood services, curtain sewing, carpet industry. However, interior design deals with the placement of spaces, insulation, flooring, doors and windows. Therefore, an interior designer is related to supervising engineers, project manager, and project control.


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