Points About the Heriz Carpet that You Don’t Know!

Points-about -the-Heriz -carpet-that -you-don't -know!

Points about the Heriz carpet that you don’t know!

Heriz carpet is one of the symbols of Iranian art and people in the world. Its geometric and special patterns show the main reason for the popularity of this carpet in the world. Heriz city, which is located in East Azarbaijan province, shows well that the art of carpet weaving and handwoven carpets in this province is not only focused on Tabriz city, and Heriz carpets have been able to use various designs.

Heriz carpet is known and famous not only because of its beautiful pattern and design but also because of its quality and durability. Due to the extreme cold of this area, these rugs are stiff and thick to keep the floor warm and comfortable. High-quality raw materials have increased the quality of wool. The secret of the survival of these carpets is in the wool of the sheep of this region. The soils of this area are rich in copper. This metal is present in water and sheep feed on plants grown with this water and their wool becomes flexible.

  • Design

One of the features of the designs and maps of this carpet is not using curved lines in its texture And of course, what you will see in abundance is the use of slim geometric shapes and broken lines. If we want to name the plans and maps that are used in the Heriz region, we should say: Tajeri, Sabouri, Rozgol, Hayat Gol, Tavakoli, Samadkhan, Chalangari, Afshan, etc.

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Another point related to the design of Heriz carpets is the use of square and rectangular large medallions. The design of the Heriz rug, while original, also give the carpet a modern atmosphere, and as a result, the Heriz rug can have a special place in modern decoration.


                               Part of Heriz Rug

  • Color

The carpets of this area are a symbol of the contrast of dark and light colors. But in general, most of these carpets have a dark color. And the reason for this is the great interest in using colors such as dark red, crimson, brown and beige. The use of colors derived from nature with the creative mind of the weaver gives a special design and color to the Heriz carpet. The older carpets were red and indigo. But today, red, cream, black, and copper are used.

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  • Durability

                    Decoration With Heriz Rug

Heriz carpet has high quality and durability. It is interesting to know that the researchers of the hand-woven carpet believe that it is due to the presence of copper mines in the water of the rivers that the sheep feed on. If we want to express the quality and durability of Heriz carpet in one sentence, we must say: You can easily use the carpets of this area for more than ten years.

  • Texture

Weavers knit Heriz carpets with wool and cotton. There are 25 to 45 knots in each 7 centimeter. In terms of density, Heriz carpet is almost low density. But this carpet is a carpet with long piles. Because of the these piles, you feel very comfortable walking on it.


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