The Health Benefits of Hand-Made Rugs


The health benefits of handmade rugs

  • Anti-allergy

Handmade rugs are made from materials such as wool and silk . These materials are completely natural and compatible with the skin . Machine-made rugs are made of synthetic fibers and dyes that can cause skin allergies and allergies . We recommend you to use handmade rugs in your home, if you have children who run for hours at home or you want to sit on the floor for hours a day.

For people who have sensitive skin and their skin is easily swollen or red, it is better not to use synthetic and machine-made carpets in their home, because the fibers used in making machine-made carpets contain chemicals, but hand-woven carpets because The natural fibers they contain prevent allergies and allergies on the skin.

  • Prevention of respiratory diseases

You can clean their carpets and rugs in the easiest and most convenient way possible. Due to the use of natural fibers in the manufacture of these carpets, it is possible for the consumer to easily clean the carpet with some water and shampoo. However, this is not the end of the story, However, this is not the end of the story, you can clean handmade carpets thoroughly, which will reduce dust and allergens in the house. Therefore, it prevents many respiratory diseases such as asthma and allergies. While machine-made carpets collect dust and you scatter dust particles in the air with every movement on it, which causes breathing problems.

  • Maintain bone health

It might be interesting for you to know that in traditional medicine, machine-made carpet has a cold nature and is not suitable for bones, but hand-woven carpet has a dual nature. Scientists have proven that the wool used in handmade carpets are good thermal insulators. Natural wool absorbs a lot of heat, which warms the home environment in winter and also helps regulate the temperature of the house in summer.

On the other hand, it absorbs moisture, which helps to remove excess moisture from your home. For this reason, hand-woven carpets are more useful for the bones and prevent the absorption of cold and moisture to the bones. While research shows that synthetic fibers in machine-made carpets will increase bone pain and even reduce bone density.


                                Hand-Made Rug

  • Eco-friendly

The fashion world is one of the main polluters of the planet, but handmade carpets do not pose a problem for the environment because they are natural. Manufacturers weave handmade carpets from natural fibers, so they have high resistance. While factories weave machine and industrial carpets with glue and chemicals, these materials rot over time.

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Machine-made carpets have a short lifespan compared to hand-woven carpets . Hand-made carpets  have high resistance (such as silk, which remains undamaged for more than 50 years). Also, wool carpets are fire-resistant. Wool is a natural extinguisher . Unlike synthetic fibers that melt in fire and high temperatures, wool helps put out fires . Actually wool is a real savior in fires . When we use carpets with natural fibers, we reduce the production of synthetic and chemical carpets . By doing this save our environment and the planet from serious diseases and damage.

Finally, hand-woven rugs and carpets convey an extraordinary beauty to the eyes that relaxes. Fibers, like silk, have an extraordinary beauty that, also transmits the culture, customs, and traditions of nations and tribes.

If you want to create a beauty, healthy, warm, and relaxing environment, replace artificial and machine-made carpets with handmade carpets .

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