History of Qashqai Hand-Woven Carpets


History of Qashqai hand-woven carpets

Qashqai carpet is one of the symbols of the authenticity and art of Iranian carpet weaving. Due to its features, this carpet has been able to attract the opinion of many people in the world. The high variety of designs and the use of natural colors are the characteristics of Qashqai carpets.

Qashqai hand-woven carpet weavers have a rich history and culture. Although these people have not recorded their history in writing, they have passed this history from generation to generation with stories and songs for nearly 1000 years.


                    The Qashqai Tribe Is Migrating

According to traditions, this tribe is from Turkestan, China and migrated to Iran under the leadership of Genghis Khan’s army. As soon as the Qashqai tribe entered Iran, they chose the cold regions of Azerbaijan mountains in the Caucasus to live. This tribe entered Fars province at the beginning of the 16th century. Fars province was under the rule of Shah Ismail at that time.


Qashqai Women Artists Are Busy Creating All The Time

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Fars province has been the home of this tribe for the past 400 years. At that time, 6 out of every 10 women of the Qashqai tribe wove carpets. Therefore, 6 out of every 10 women weave rugs. At the same time, another group of women found mountain plants from nearby villages . They put them in dyeing pots and boiled them to produce the required dye for woolen fibers.


                            A Beautiful Qashqai Girl

Since the Qashqai tribe lived in Central Asia before coming to southern Iran, their carpets are influenced by three regions. like the Turkmen carpets in Central Asia, has a color and shape that attracts more attention. The Qashqai tribe in the mountainous regions of Azerbaijan learned the use of bright colors and the combination of tones from the Caucasians. Finally, in their current place, they inspired by old Iranian carpets. 

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