How to Protect the Roots of the Carpet?

tying the roots

Due to the high price of handwoven carpets, it is very important to take care of the carpet roots, and if they are not properly maintained, they will rot and tear. The root of the carpet is one of the most important parts of the carpet, which is exposed to a lot of pollution, and for this reason, its maintenance is very important. Due to its whiteness and elegance, the roots of the carpet are exposed to dirt and decay more than other parts of the carpet, and they become messy and dirty if there is a lot of traffic. You have to make a lot of effort to maintain the roots of the carpet, because if they rot and tear, the possibility of damage to the carpet texture increases. In this article, we are going to explain all kinds of useful solutions for carpet root care. You can also protect the roots of your beautiful carpet by following these solutions. Don’t forget that extending the life of the carpet roots largely depends on how well you take care of them.


           The roots of a hand-woven carpet are the warps

What is the root of the carpet?

In the hand-woven carpet, the roots form the foundation of the carpet. These roots are the same warps that are spun before weaving the carpet on the loom and the act of knotting takes place on it. In machine-made carpets, the roots are slightly different. In these carpets, the root is not the base of the carpet and it is sewn to the edge of the ready-made carpet with a special device like a strip. Of course, there are some semi-handwoven silk machine-made carpets in which the roots are woven by hand, like a handwoven carpet.

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Reasons to take care of carpet roots

  • Caring for the roots of the carpet strengthens the carpet, the knots and finally the texture of the carpet.
  • The presence of roots makes the carpet safe from dust and dirt.
  • Protecting the roots increases the life of the carpet.
  • Having roots, in addition to the above, doubles the beauty of the carpet.

What factors damage the roots of the carpet?

  • Humidity

As we said in the article Expert tips for dealing with moths and beetles on wool carpets , moisture is the worst enemy of the carpet, which not only destroys the carpet, but also causes the roots of the carpet to rot

  • Tearing

Tearing can happen when the door is opened and closed and the door rubs against the roots of the carpet and as a result the roots are pulled out. Another thing that causes the roots to tear is when the legs of chairs and sofas are pulled on them. Another important point that you should observe is that when you pull the vacuum cleaner, gently pull on the roots so that they don’t tear.

  • Burning

Sometimes, due to distraction or hurry, we may put a hot dish on the roots or leave a cigarette on the roots of the carpet, which causes damage to them. Hot objects such as fire, iron, coal, even the continuous heat of the sun damage the roots of the carpet.nOf course, in cases of surface burns, using ice helps a lot. It is enough to put some ice on the damaged area immediately after removing the hot object from the carpet or the roots, and it will save the carpet fibers from burns to a great extent.

  • Use of wide adhesive tape

Many people put a wide adhesive tape on the roots to arrange them, and they are not aware that this is very harmful for the health of the roots. Although this method seems very easy, it is strongly not recommended. Adhesives are made of chemical materials, and applying glue on the roots will make these materials stay on them, which will not be removed from the carpet even by washing. There are other reasons why you should not use wide glue to protect the roots. These adhesives lose their adhesion due to traffic and must be replaced continuously. In addition, every time the glue is changed, the probability of the carpet root being pulled is very high. Also, the presence of glue prevents air from reaching the roots and causes more decay! It is interesting to know that according to the report of carpet cleaning and repairing centers in Iran, the highest number of damage to the carpet roots is due to the use of wide adhesive tape for the roots.


              Wide adhesive tape

  •  Improper washing

Improper and unprincipled washing by non-specialists may cause yellowing and blackening of the roots, which causes them to rot. For this reason, it is better to entrust the washing of your carpet to a reliable carpet cleaner so that it is washed properly and the carpet and its roots are dried properly.

Carpet root maintenance methods

  • Removing the stains from the roots :

If you see stains or any discoloration, try to remove the stains.

  • Cleaning the roots:

Do a thorough weekly sweep of the roots.


                                     The roots of the carpet

  • The standard size of the roots:

Short or very long roots are easily damaged, it is better that the standard length of the root is between 7 and 10 cm.

  • Using cover:

This method is the best way to keep the roots of the carpet. The best type of cover is the mesh type, which prevents root rot through air exchange. This type of cover does not have any glue and by keeping the roots inside it prevents the entry of dirt and even frequent traffic does not damage the roots. Keep in mind that you have to replace these covers every few months.


                      Putting the roots inside the mesh cover

  •  Weaving the roots:

Weaving the roots protects your carpet to a great extent and prevents them from being stretched. To do this, divide the roots into small parts and then leave them like hair.


                               Weaving the roots like hair

  • Tying the roots:

Tying is common for Iranian carpets. There are different methods for tying the roots, the most important of which are:

  1. Chain Tie


                          Weaving the roots of the carpet in a chain

  2. Double Tie
  3. Pea Tie


                                               Double tie

  • Using a wrapper for the roots

This method is the most traditional way to keep the carpet root. For this, use  mutaqal cloths. The roots are first folded and placed inside the mentioned cloth, then we attach both sides of the cloth to the beginning of the weave, these cloths easily allow air flow and prevent root rot prevent.


               Placing the roots inside a mutaqal wrapper

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