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Buying a dowry carpet is one of those goods that is not only one of the most attractive and sweet stages of life, but choosing it requires a lot of patience and precision. The carpet is one of the most important items in any house and is one of the essential dowry goods. Many people believe that the carpet is the heart of the house and the interior decoration of the house is arranged accordingly. For this reason, it is recommended to buy a dowry carpet after choosing your favorite decoration style, and then prepare other items for your new home based on that.


                Carpets are coordinated with sofas and curtains

Buying a dowry carpet brings challenges. What kind of carpet should we choose for dowry so that we don’t regret it after a few years? Are we ready to pay more money and buy a hand-woven carpet for more comfort and convenience, or are we satisfied with a good quality machine-made carpet? Among the various options available in the market, which design should we choose that fits the layout of the house? In this article, we provide important and basic tips for choosing the best dowry carpet for brides and grooms.

Hand-made or machine-made carpet for dowry?    

The first question you may have when buying a dowry carpet is choosing between hand-woven and machine-made carpets. As you know, all the components of the handmade carpet are completely natural and obtained from natural materials such as wool, silk and cotton. These carpets are not only anti-allergic, but also useful for bone health. But with all these advantages, these carpets are considered valuable and luxury goods and have a higher price than machine-made carpets.

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Iranian hand-woven carpet is famous all over the world. Types of handwoven carpets are known by the names of Iranian cities. Handwoven Kashan carpets, Isfahan carpets, Kerman carpets, Tabriz carpets, and Qom silk carpets are among the most famous carpets in Iran that are world famous. The price of the carpet changes based on the size, type of fiber and texture. If you have enough budget to buy a hand-woven carpet, you can invest by choosing these valuable carpets. Of course, note that hand-woven carpets need more care and do not use strong detergents to wash them.


                       Baloch handwoven carpet gives life to a house

For people who have less budget to buy carpets at the beginning of life and also tend to buy various carpets, machine-made carpet is a better option. Also, we recommend that people who do not have enough time and energy to take care of hand-woven carpets or have pets, use machine-made carpets. These carpets have a more reasonable price and are easier to maintain. Machine-made carpets are much more affordable than hand-woven carpets. Also, machine-made carpets are much easier to wash and care for than hand-woven carpets.


   Coordinating the carpet with a navy background with a gray navy sofa

Today, all kinds of machine-made carpets are made with different raw materials such as bamboo, polyester, acrylic, etc. Acrylic fibers are the best and most durable synthetic fibers used for machine carpets. Among the characteristics of acrylic machine carpets, we can mention high strength, being softer than other synthetic fibers and resistance to washing.


    The combination of green carpet and gray sofa is a very beautiful idea

What color dowry carpet shall we buy?

The best carpet color for dowry is bright colors. If you are looking to buy a new carpet for your home, we recommend that you use cream and silver colors. Of course, golden colors and light pink colors are also better to use in the decoration of the bride’s house. Note that when buying a carpet, the colors of other items are present in your carpet. For example, if your sofas are green, it is better to have green in your dowry carpet. Gray color is one of the colors that has always been in fashion in the last few years because this color is among the neutral colors that goes well with different colors. Keep in mind that the choice of color is entirely a matter of taste and there are those who use warm and dark colors in the decoration of the house and in the end everything becomes beautiful.


           Golden, creamy carpets are a good choice for dowry carpets

Before any action to choose the color of the carpet, see what color other important home appliances such as furniture and curtains are? The color tone of these important home accessories will help you a lot in choosing the color of the carpet. In the following, we point out important points for choosing the color of carpets:

  • Choosing carpets with neutral colors will make your home look bigger.
  • For homes with a minimal style, use neutral color carpets such as gray.
  • Carpets with warm colors and busy designs make the house look smaller.
  • Coordinate the color that is repeated in the carpet with the color of the curtains.
  • For traditional styles, if the curtains and furniture are simple, use carpets with a busy pattern.
  • Choosing white colors for carpets and furniture, despite its beauty, results in a lot of pollution.
  • For homes with European and modern style, be sure to look for dowry carpets with neutral colors.
  • When choosing the color of the carpet, don’t consider the trendy color because it will cost you a lot.
  • In addition to the style of your furniture, pay attention to the color of the flooring to choose a dowry carpet.

Do not buy these carpets for dowry!

  • Belgian carpets:

These carpets are very thin and for this reason their backs are covered with latex so that they stick to the floor. But this same glue makes it harder to wash these carpets, and the most important thing about these carpets is that Belgian carpets change shape and disappear after washing. If you like these carpets, get them for a part of the house where there is not much traffic and the carpet gets less dirty.

  • Shag carpets:

These carpets may be modern and have an attractive appearance, but the long piles of these carpets are soon separated from the carpet and the carpet loses its appearance, and if you have a pet, their claws get stuck in these carpets.

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What size dowry carpet should we buy?

The dimensions of the dowry carpet depend on the size of the house. When buying a carpet, measure the area where you are going to spread the carpet. Choose a carpet that does not fill the entire area. The size of the carpet should be 20 to 50 cm away from the wall. As we said, the exact measurement of the place where you are going to spread your carpet is one of the important points that you should pay attention to when buying a new bridal dowry carpet. It is better to choose a carpet that does not fill the entire area, because it does not have an interesting effect and makes the house look small. Also, avoid spreading small carpets for large halls. For big years, you can use smaller carpets such as 6 meters instead of large carpets such as 12 meters. To choose the dimensions of the carpet, consider these points:

  1. Use one carpet for each separate space, using several carpets makes the space look crowded.
  2. The size of the carpet should be such that the front legs of the sofa are placed on the carpet, but the rear legs of the sofa are not placed on the carpet.
  3. For large halls, if you use two carpets, put 50 cm between the rugs.

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