Introducing the Minimal Style and Suitable Carpet for It!


What is the history of minimal style?

Minimalism started in the early 20th century and after the World War. The reason why minimal designs quickly became famous was that designers used modern tools such as glass, concrete and steel in their designs. This style, in the real sense, focuses on mental peace and human spirit, and according to the interpretation of some designers, it originated from the lifestyle of Japanese people. This art was especially noticed in the 1960s in America and penetrated into paintings, interior design, music and fashion and other things and is currently one of the most popular styles of interior design. The minimal style is also similar to the rules of feng shui because it pays special attention to the circulation of energy in interior design.


        life is not about finding yourself , life is about creating yourself

Minimal decoration

Minimal style focuses on using fewer components and elements. The basic principle that is based on this style is simplicity. Natural light, harmony in the layout, order and the use of calm colors are all features of the minimal style that create a calm and clean atmosphere and convey a sense of peace to the family members. In this style, it is better to consider a suitable color such as white or cream and choose other decoration components in harmony with that color tone. Considering a specific and appropriate color for minimal decoration plays an important role in basic arrangement. Also, try to choose the components of the home layout from simple geometric shapes, for example, choosing a classic sofa service with complex patterns is not suitable for a minimal space. Since we are focusing on knowing carpets on this website, in the rest of this article we will discuss the use of carpets in minimal decoration, so stay with us.


                                        Cycladic minimal styling

Features of carpet in minimal style

It may be that most interior designers do not use carpets in minimal decoration and prefer simple and shiny floor coverings instead of carpets. It is true that not using carpet makes the house look bigger, but it is better to know that the only use of carpet is not to make the house beautiful! Carpet is considered as a key element in all styles, which also contributes to the sound quality of the house. The acoustic properties of the carpet are such that its dense fibers help in trapping sound waves and prevent echoes in the home. This property of sound absorption provides the comfort and peace of the house to a great extent and makes the space more favorable for people’s activities. The minimal style carpet should be designed in harmony with the basic principles of minimal decoration. Here are some of the features of this style carpet:

  • Simplicity is the main feature of minimal carpets.
  • Minimal carpets usually lack complex patterns and special designs.
  • If minimal carpets are patterned, they usually have simple geometric designs.
  • Minimal carpets generally have calm and simple colors. Colors such as white, beige, gray, and silver are often used for this style. These colors help to increase the peace of the environment.
  • Minimal carpets can be coordinated with all kinds of modern, classic and industrial decors.
  • Minimal carpets are often made with low thickness and quality fibers such as silk and natural wool.

    The use of large mirrors makes the space appear larger

                    The use of large mirrors makes the space appear larger

You can also use the minimal style to design the children’s room carpet. Read more tips about What Carpet Is Suitable for a Child’s Room?

The best carpets for minimal decoration


Monochrome Qashqai rugs are very suitable for minimal decoration. They are simple without a map and in a variety of colors that can be matched with any interior design. A simple gabbeh with a bright color can make the space appear wider. Monochrome gabbehs are also easy to care for and are great for high traffic areas or people with pets.

What is Gabbeh? Everything You Need to Know about Gabbeh

Classic carpets

Minimal carpets do not have a specific design or plan. One of the differences between the minimal carpet and the classic carpet is the presence of many empty spaces in the minimal carpet. Traditional Iranian hand-woven carpets have many motifs and elements that have a specific plan for each row of the carpet, and this is in contradiction with the principles of minimal decoration. Of course, this contrast does not mean that classic carpets should not be used in minimal decoration. You can choose other parts of the house quite simply to create an interesting contrast next to the classic Iranian handwoven carpet. If the dominant color of your decoration is cream and white and you need an attractive item, the Iranian red carpet can be very effective. Also, the vintage carpet is another classic Iranian hand-woven carpet that is often suggested by interior designers for minimal decoration. Vintage carpets with traditional motifs along with a modern appearance are a very suitable option for use in all classic, modern and minimal decorations.

The classic Iranian carpet is an interesting contrast with the minimal style

    The classic Iranian carpet is an interesting contrast with the minimal style

Vintage Carpet and Its Types

Moroccan carpets

Moroccan carpets are in the category of simple carpets that are traditionally woven by hand in Morocco. These carpets have a simple and geometric background with white, gray and cream colors that have patterns in black or gray. Traditional Moroccan carpets will give a completely stylish and minimal image to the home and decoration, that’s why they are considered in minimal decoration. The important thing about Moroccan carpets is that you should not use these carpets for kitchens and high-traffic areas because they get dirty and contaminated quickly. Do not miss kitchen carpets about this topic.

Moroccan carpets in minimal style

                                 Moroccan carpets in minimal style

Modern carpets

Modern machine-made carpets that do not have many patterns and are not crowded are in line with the principles and goals of the minimal style, which is simplicity and peace, and can create a peaceful and quiet combination for you. These carpets are single-color or two-color and go well with other minimal style accessories. Modern gray and cream carpets are one of the best carpet choices for this decoration.


     Modern two color machine-made carpet suitable for minimal style

Buy a minimal carpet

The most important principle in the minimal style is to focus on simplicity. The quieter the house is visually, the more it helps people relax. If you are looking for a vintage handwoven carpet for your home decoration, it is better to use calmer colors. Choosing the right color, using simple elements and removing extra accessories helps to have a minimal decoration. Of course, keep in mind that the best choice of minimal carpet is made when the buyers thoroughly check the space where they plan to spread the carpet in terms of the principles of decoration, space arrangement and lighting, and then proceed to purchase the carpet.

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