What Carpet Is Suitable for a Child’s Room?


Children’s room carpet

All over the world, before the birth of a child, parents go to welcome him or her and prepare a room for him. This room includes a bed, wardrobe, and toys. Imagine how much a beautiful carpet can beautify your beloved child’s room and make him or her calm. In this article, we intend to introduce you to the features of baby carpets. If you are also planning to buy a carpet for your beautiful baby, stay with us until the end of this article.


                  Child and handmade carpet!

Features of children’s room carpet

  • The baby’s skin is delicate, so the carpet in his room should be soft and delicate. It is better to get a carpet with good thickness and suitable piles. A carpet with low pile may be hard and the child may not be comfortable while crawling and walking, also in carpets with long pile, the possibility of contamination and sticking of things increases.
  • The carpet in the child’s room should have soft and exciting colors. Happy colors increase children’s creativity and understanding by 70%. On the other hand, harsh and dark colors make them nervous and restless. Red and orange colors are not suitable for a child’s room and may cause him restlessness.
  • The child’s gender affects the choice of carpet. If you have a girl child, you can use light colored carpets such as pink and purple. But if your child is a boy, you can use red, blue, and orange carpets for his room.


                        A child lying on the carpet

  • Children cannot take care of themselves and their room gets dirty quickly. Therefore, use carpets that are anti-stain and washable. Because they are often made of wool, hand-woven carpets rarely get stained and are highly washable.
  • For the child’s room, prepare a carpet that consists of healthy and non-allergic fibers that do not cause skin sensitivity and respiratory problems for the child. Handwoven carpets are suitable for the health of the child due to high-quality materials such as wool and cotton and quality dyes.

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Tips for buying baby rugs online

If you are planning to buy a carpet for your child’s room and you are looking for a high-quality carpet, read this article until the end. The carpets you spread in the living room may not be suitable for the child’s room because they are either expensive and may get dirty in the child’s room. Or it may be cheap and rough, and as a result, it will cause your child’s sensitivity. Therefore, prepare a carpet that suits his mood and is in harmony with the layout of his room. When buying a carpet for a child, consider his age. For example, the carpet you buy for a 4-year-old child is not suitable for a 9-year-old child. Here are some tips for buying a baby rug.

  • Choose a carpet that is the right size for the child’s room. A carpet that is too small does not allow the child to move freely. The size of the carpet should be such that it covers the entire space of the room, especially dangerous areas such as under the bed, which may fall on the child. At the bottom of the bed, the handmade carpet acts as a protector.
  • Children are always on the move or love to run. You should get a carpet that is firm and stable. If the floor of the child’s room is polished and slippery, it is possible for the carpet to slip. Especially if the carpet is machine-made and light weight, the possibility of it increases, so it is better to use anti-slip stickers under the carpets.
  • Carpets are produced in two types of artificial and natural fibers. Hand-made carpets are produced with natural fibers such as wool and cotton, which are resistant to stains due to the nature of wool, and their fibers are easily washable.
  • Choose a carpet that does not have high fluff and is easy to clean. Furs and synthetic fibers need a lot of care and get dirty quickly, so they are not a good choice for a child’s room. For a child’s room, get a carpet that gets dirty slowly.

                             Child on fur rug

  • Carpets with large knots are not suitable for children’s rooms because food residues and even pet paws get stuck in them and it is not easy to clean.
  • Get a carpet with the right thickness for the child’s room. The softness and firmness of the carpet is very important. If the carpet is too soft, it will cause problems for him when he walks.
  • Nomadic carpets have minimal designs and are woven with natural fibers and vegetable colors, they are a perfect choice for a child’s room carpet.


                                 Persian Gabbeh

final word

Today, we see a large variety of children’s carpets in the market, some of which are not high-quality carpets. If you are planning to buy a carpet for your sweet child’s room, you can get free advice from the VernaCarpets online collection. We are ready to help you in buying and selling handmade carpets. .

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