Vintage Carpet and Its Types


What is a vintage rug?

Vintage is a French word and refers to antique items that are more than 20 years old and are loved by people. In the same way, carpets that have an old appearance are called vintage carpets. The vintage style was born in Europe after the end of World War. At that time, after the war, people turned to buying second-hand and old things, which were cheaper, to build their houses. This style was born in the early 1990s. In this article, we provide a brief explanation about vintage carpets, which are very popular, to you dear readers. So stay with us!

Vintage handmade carpets are one of the most popular things among people, but some people who have better financial conditions buy these carpets and people who can’t afford to buy use samples similar to vintage carpets. Handmade vintage carpets or old-fashioned carpets are very popular with people because they have a little color and a certain old look. In general, carpets that have an old look and are similar to old carpets are called vintage carpets.

vintage rugs

                                        Vintage Rugs

Handmade vintage carpet in interior decoration

As the main element in interior design, the carpet has a great impact on the space and creates an attractive style for designers. Handmade vintage carpet has a special place for modern and classic decoration designers. People who are interested in traditional and classic decorations have a great choice among vintage carpets. Especially in the Boho style, this carpet is mainly used. Also, fans of vintage carpets can combine it with modern home furnishings.
Modern interior designers, if they feel that you are interested in antiques, they will surely offer you these vintage carpets and design a classic-modern decoration style. These carpets are so beautiful and charming that they are used even in the decoration of minimal houses. You can easily use these carpets with any type of interior decoration. Vintage carpets give your home a very aristocratic and magnificent appearance.


                       Vintage Rug in Boho Style

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How are vintage carpets made?

Vintage carpets are created in three ways:

  • First, there are hand-woven carpets that are very old (80 years and above) and the period of use and traffic on them has caused the carpet to become old and vintage. These carpets have a high price and value. Because the more the handwoven carpet is used and washed, it becomes more valuable, which of course not everyone can afford. Due to the high price of genuine vintage carpets, innovative people took help from new handwoven and machine-made carpets due to market needs.
  • Second, aging new handwoven carpets is a complicated matter. To produce these carpets, first the white roots of the carpet are dyed with dark colors such as pomegranate skin, so that it takes on a golden color. In the next step, they create a pool full of chemical solutions along with water and detergents. Hydrochloro is the most important substance they use to wash carpets. At this stage, the carpet is wrapped around a roller-like device so that its surface is rubbed and its piles are shortened. Then they spread it in front of the sun for a certain period of time so that its color becomes less again. Then the carpet is repainted until its color remains the same.
  • Third, there are machine-made carpets that are produced by using pale colors and causing abrasion during weaving, similar to the old designs of hand-woven carpets.


                                Vintage Kerman Rug

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Advantages of vintage handwoven rugs

• high durability
• Stylish and beautiful appearance
• Coordination with all kinds of interior decorations
• Light weight and easy handling
• High Quality
• Good price


                        Vintage Carpet from a Close View

What was the method of aging the carpet in the past?

In the past, handmade carpets that were new and their colors were not liked by the people were made to look old by using these two methods:
1- The carpet was spread in the street, bazaar and high-traffic areas so that it would become old due to the high traffic.
2- The handwoven carpet was exposed to sunlight for a long time and the carpet became old.
3- They used to wash the carpet with water, ash and special plants. Since this combination had alkaline properties, it made the carpet clean and also caused the carpet to fade in color and gave the carpet an old look.


             Vintage Persian Rug in Classic Decor , Ohio

How is the method of aging the carpet today?

Today, calcium hypochlorite detergent, which is a chemical compound, is used to vintage the carpet, although it is used enough to not damage the carpet. Of course, these carpets do not have the status and value of authentic vintage carpets.


How to maintain vintage carpets

You may think that vintage carpets need less maintenance due to their special conditions, but these carpets also need care like handmade carpets. Although contamination in vintage carpets is less obvious than other carpets, these carpets should be swept weekly. Also, avoid placing sharp and heavy objects on them. To wash these carpets like other carpets, refer to a reputable carpet cleaner.

Lillian Rug-3LI307002


Vintage carpets have many fans in European countries and Persian Gulf countries, and the number of customers is increasing day by day. It is not possible to market old-fashioned carpets instead of original and old vintage carpets, because buyers with a little experience can easily distinguish between these two carpets, and there are laboratory methods that determine the age and fibers of the carpet. Therefore, if you are interested in these beautiful and authentic oriental carpets, we suggest you buy them from reputable sellers. We have displayed a large number of these valuable carpets in the VernaCarpets online collection.

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